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PT. Dynagear Pandu Pratama provide AC Aluminum and AC Iron Gear Motors manufactured by Transtecno. The following are the products we provide from Transtecno. From standard gearmotors to entire series for specific markets right through to specially tailored projects – the Transtecno range includes state of the art products characterised by high technical standards.

AC IRON Series

The IRON range includes ITH inline speed reducers, ITB bevel helical gear reducers and ITS parallel shaft gear reducers. The range is all built in ultra-strong cast iron, for torque levels up to 3500 Nm (31.000 lb-in).


Inline and bevel helical gear reducers, parallel shaft speed reducers, and worm gear boxes with AC motor. The range is built in aluminium and covers torques up to 1000 Nm (8.800 lb-in).